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Getting Started

What is Mangonote?

Mangonote is a private, secure and untraceable digital currency. It is fairly launched with no premine.


  • Name: Mangonote
  • Ticker: MNN
  • Max Supply: 100 million MNN
  • Block Time: 1 minute

Mangonote features


Mangonote was fairly launched as a pure Proof of Work currency, with no premine. Transition to Proof of Stake will happen at one year after launch.

Mangonote launched as a Proof of Work to distribute the coins before securely enabling the Proof of Stake consensus.

CPU Mining

Thanks to the RandomX proof-of-work algorithm, Mangonote can be mined on CPUs.

GPU mining is possible, but not profitable.

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Mangonote is completely private and untraceable. It uses four different technologies: Ring Signature, Confidential Transactions, Stealth Addresses, and Dandelion++.

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Block time is 1 minute. This means that, in average, Mangonote transaction are confirmed in one minute.

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